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Transcription Services

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Transcription Services 

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These services are offered by popular demand for researchers needing this type of support. Fees include credit card fees. There are no hidden charges. 

These services are for all student and professional researchers needing transcriptions of audio files. You do not need to utilize our coding services. (Coding fees are not included.)

Transcription fee includes all credit card transaction fees.

  • $3.00 per audio minute up to 500 audio minutes.


       10 tapes @ 45 minutes each = 450 minutes

  • $2.75 per audio minute if greater than 500 audio minutes.


       10 tapes @ 60 minutes each = 600 minutes

We use an established and reputable transcribing service with 24-48 hour turnarounds. (We are unaffiliated with this service provider; we use them simply because they are efficient and timely.)

Contact Us for Information or a Quote.

Use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page or click Contact for our complete contact information.


Quotation Process

  • Please provide your name, address, email, and phone number at which you can be reached.

  • Number of audio files.

  • Length of each file in minutes.


We will email you a firm quote based on the information you provide.


Upon your approval of the quote, an invoice will be emailed to you with a payment link for major credit card processing through our secure ecommerce site.


The audio files are transcribed within 24-48 hours of receipt of payment. The transcribing fee includes the credit card processing fee.

The quality of each transcription depends upon the quality of the recording. Inaudible content will be noted within the transcriptions. 

The coding fee is separate from the tra
nscription fee. Please indicate in your message if you would like a quote for coding services as well.