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Qualitative Research Services including NVivo Coding and Consultation

Specialists in NVivo Qualitative Software
DataSense LLC provides qualitative data analysis services for graduate students seeking doctoral degrees in all disciplines; university and community college faculty; and research and administration professionals at all levels of experience and industry backgrounds.
Our clientele represent a variety of academic disciplines including business administration and marketing; public and private education; psychology; sociology; social services; public and private health; nursing; medicine; engineering; science; organizational behavior; and anthropology.

Qualitative researchers appreciate our stress-free services. We know you are busy and we respect your expertise, professionalism, and accomplishments. Our services are customized to meet your needs and deadlines as we work with you at your level of academic and professional achievement.  


Stress-free - Confidential and Ethical - Reliable and Secure

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Qualitative Coding Services

We code your project data using NVivo for Windows and other qualitative software. These coding services are confidential and supportive for doctoral candidates and professional researchers in many disciplines.


Our work does not compromise the integrity of your work or personal interpretation. Many dissertation committee chairs, members, and research methodologists refer students to us knowing we do not cross ethical academic boundaries.

Qualitative  Consultation 

We offer qualitative consultation as NVivo qualitative software specialists to help you use NVivo for your research studies. We offer ongoing next-step support as you move forward with your project.


We also provide services to work with you to set up your project with an appropriate structure within the software program. 

Other Services

Transcription Services

These services are offered by popular demand for anyone needing this type of support.


Firm quotes include credit card transaction fees. 

Our Commitment to You


Your qualitative research design influences the assistance you need. We work with you as an objective source providing meaningful feedback and direction.


Our qualitative coding services save you time and that often means doctoral students do not need to make another tuition payment. It means research professionals will meet important deadlines.​

Our Commitment to You

Confidential and Ethical

We meet professional and academic standards of major universities and businesses. This is done in a way that does not compromise the integrity of your work or personal interpretation.


Many graduate school committee chairs and committee members refer their students to us knowing we honor those ethical boundaries.

Our Commitment to You

Reliable and Secure

We work within your deadlines to provide efficient and suitable turnarounds.


Confidentiality is assured and a confidentiality agreement will be provided upon request.


Data is exchanged through our secure Drop Box site. Credit card payments are processed on our secure ecommerce site.

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"AMAZING! Dr. Karen Conger was my godsend (an angel) and incredible-expert support. I received rapid, high-quality service throughout the data analysis and interpretation processes. I truly enjoyed the learning experience and highly recommend DataSense, a secured site for scholar-practitioners!" 

Business Research Scientist; San Francisco-Oakland-Bay Area